Tuesday after school yoga

We will begin a new course on the 25 April running for the next 8 weeks excluding May half term. If its your first time , drop in for a tenner.  Or book all weeks for £80.00 and drop in rate is £12.00.  It is a dynamic class for 4-9 year olds with music, breathing and loads of yoga!   Bring your children to join the fun.  To book on please email me,  bbp1967@mac.com.   All Saints Church 3.40-4.40.  Thank you, Barbara xx

Birthday Party Yoga

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a calm set of children to hand back to parents at the end of a fun filled Birthday party?   If  you are curious about a Yoga themed birthday party, or an hours lesson during the party, let me know. I will schedule a taster class with your children for free to see how much fun it can be.



Vinyasa Flow Yoga for Adults

My private classes take students through a range of poses and breath work. The corpse pose is a yogic way to relax at the end of class, and is thought to act as a seal for all of the good work you have done. It is always very welcome at the end of class. Private classes are the best place to progress your learning of yoga, and precision in postures. Also a private class is a great way to learn about your anatomy in regards to those poses. We can make adjustments which allow you to move through the sequence more easily. The attention to detail is greater in a small group.  Please let me know if you are interested in starting a 1-1, or a small group yoga class in the New Year.  bbp1967@mac.com Thanks! Barbara x